We work with any dental insurance plans whether in-network or out- of-network as long as it is not DMO/DHMO, Dental Discount Plan or associated with Medicare or Medicaid.

Below is the dental insurance that we are in-network with:

Delta Dental Premier

Delta Dental Tricare Military

Blue Cross Blue Shield Grid+ or Complete

FEP Blue Dental

United Concordia Elite

If you have PPO type of plan that is not in-network, you will still have insurance coverage coming to our office utilizing out-of-network benefit.  Most insurance companies pay at the same rate for in-network or out-of-network based on their usual & customary rate (UCR). The difference for going to in-network dentist verses out-of-network is what you are responsible to pay when there is different fee between their UCR and dentist’s fee. Generally, there is not much difference for preventive type of services, like routine check up and teeth cleaning; however, major type of services, like a crown and a bridge, show more difference between UCR and dentist’s fee, and that difference becomes patient’s responsibility.

If you have an option to choose one of above mentioned plans among others, we suggest you choose it. If you do not see those plans, but have choice of PPO or DMO/DHMO, choose PPO, and you will have out-of-network coverage for coming to our office.

If you have further questions regarding dental insurance, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 770-496-0496.