A comprehensive evaluation is important for every new patient. We want to know you as a unique individual, and the evaluation you receive at Henderson Mill Dental Care may be unlike any you have experienced before.

During the complete clinical evaluation, we discuss your medical history, medications, past dental experiences and what you want for yourself. We gather information about your chewing muscles, jaw joints, the way your teeth come together and how these components work together in your mouth. We also evaluate your gums and other soft parts of your mouth. We look for signs of disease, oral cancer and wear on your teeth. A complete assessment of each tooth, as well as existing restorations, is an integral part of the process. An esthetic evaluation may also be included. We can discuss any concerns you have about how your teeth look.

In addition to examining your mouth, we suggest appropriate x-rays. Diagnostic impressions of your teeth may be made. We may also take close-up photographs of your teeth and face.

During this entire process we talk with you about what we are doing and what we are discovering. We listen to your questions, concerns and opinions, and we take time to address them. Working with you, we form a thoughtful plan that addresses your concerns and any health problems we find.

All these services are included in the new patient examination fee. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us using the information below or use the Appointment Request form.

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