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The doctors and staff at Henderson Mill Dental Care never rest on their laurels. We are constantly educating ourselves as to the latest trends in the industry and healthcare in general, striving to better serve you, our patient.

On this page you will find some of the preeminent dental industry leaders whose teachings and findings we subscribe to and practice.

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Students of the Academy of RV Tucker Study Club

What this man can do with gold is unbelievable. He is a pioneer in our industry, one of the first to explore the flexibility in applications and multiple long-term benefits of using gold castings in place of less durable restorations.  Although gold is not the preferred choice in many esthetic areas, its strength makes it the most durable and long-lasting restoration in many areas toward the back of the mouth.

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Alumni of Dawson Academy

Peter Dawson has been one of the most respected leaders in the field of comprehensive dental treatment and continuing dental education for over four decades.  His dedication to training in and promoting advanced principles of dentistry has been a tremendous benefit to dentistry worldwide, both for patients and the many dentists he has taught.  Our doctors have all attended numerous courses presented by him and his staff at the Dawson Academy.  The core philosophy and principles they have taught have always been paramount in how we treat our patients.

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Trained at The Pankey Institute

More than forty years ago, L.D. Pankey began perhaps the premier advanced dental education center in the country, and maybe even in the world.   Many of the principles of life and dental practice taught there have been incorporated into the techniques and philosophy we strongly believe in here at HMDC.

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