Finally - A High Tech Approach to Bite Relief and TMJ Disorder

Do you suffer from migraines? Maybe there is discomfort in your mouth or jaw you can't quite explain. When a bite is unstable it can cause pain, broken restorations, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches and TMJ disorder. This bite instability is known as dental occlusal disease.

For years, dental occlusion had been largely a matter of controversy for dentists, and many of the methods used were not sensitive enough to detect simultaneous contact, and none measured both biting time and force.

At Henderson Mill Dental Care, we can use the T-Scan III system: a valuable tool that aids in an accurate diagnostic analysis of a patient's bite to show what is and what is not functioning properly.

This procedure is painless, requiring only that the patient bite down on an ultra-thin sensor, shaped to fit the dental arch, which feeds the points of contact to a computer that analyzes and displays timing and force data in full-color graphics.

If you'd like to see how Tekscan's® T-Scan III works, view a five minute video.

For more information or to set an appointment to discuss Bite Relief of TMJ Disorder, fill out our brief Patient Appointment Request form.  We are currently accepting new patients.

Learn More about Tekscan III

There is a Clear Alternative to Braces. Introducing Invisalign®.

Having a confident smile can change everything. Invisalign makes the decision easy, because you can get a stunning smile without most people even noticing you're going through treatment.

Invisalign is the modern way to straighten your teeth and America's #1 recognized orthodontic brand. Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligners that are custom-molded to straighten your teeth a little at a time until you have a smile you want.

You can remove your aligners to eat, brush and floss, and you change aligners every two weeks as your teeth reposition themselves little by little. People generally see results in as little as six months to one year of treatment.

Click Here to view testimonial videos of Invisalign patients, ranging in age from children to adults.

Henderson Mill Dental Care has always prided itself in offering an exceptional experience to everyone who walks through our door.  We strive to provide our patients with solutions that serve in their best interest, that will last a long time, and that leave them feeling great about what we have achieved together.  We like to believe we may help them reach our mutually desired goal of achieving optimal oral health by providing them with appropriate dental treatment, ranging anywhere from tooth whitening to cavity repair, and from soft-tissue maintenance to tooth replacement.  It is this last treatment type, specifically, that we would like to take a moment to discuss further with you here.

Tooth replacement has and continues to be an issue that affects many of us.  While there are many treatment products in dentistry that can remedy this, most of us are familiar with those such as dental implants or permanently cemented restorations. However, as great as these dental options are, the truth is that these can also be prohibitive for many of us from a time, money, and/or an oral health standpoint.  

The good news is that there is another great choice for replacing one or multiple teeth. Removable full dentures and partial dentures do just that…replace one or more missing teeth.  They have stood the test of time and, believe it or not, represent one of the most customizable treatment solutions available in dentistry.  Because they are capable of providing truly exceptional cosmetic outcomes, often doing so at a more affordable cost and with less time involved than some of the other replacement options, they also offer unequal value. Dentures can often immediately transform a mouth full of broken, problematic and missing teeth to one having a beautiful, full complement of teeth so natural and life-like that it may be harder than you think to stop smiling and keep from showing them off.  

Dentures come in many shapes, sizes and types: full, partial, immediate, interim, hybrid and over-dentures.  Please ask us about them, as there is so much more information beyond the space we have here.  Dentures represent a virtually universal treatment solution to correct nearly any compromised dental condition imaginable.  They can be manufactured to function on no teeth at all, around a few or multiple teeth, or mechanically snapped or locked onto one or several underlying supportive teeth or implants. It is just a matter of what you desire and the creativity between you, your HMDC dentist, and our lab technicians. Before you know it your new and beautiful smile can be brought to life!

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about the many different types of dentures that may best suit your treatment needs and desires.  Please ask our doctors and team members how we can help transform your smile today!

Ages and Stages

We’re proud to offer services for all ages.  With our highly experienced staff we’re often able to schedule multiple appointments for family members at the same time, saving you time.  Our early morning appointments work well for school aged children.

Pre-Birth/Pregnancy:  As many as 70% of women have some form of gum disease during pregnancy.  It is especially important to maintain regular hygiene visits during pregnancy so that we can help control plaque, which is the main cause of gum disease.   During pregnancy we recommend a hygiene appointment every 6 months.  Be sure to let us know if you’re pregnant so we can make appropriate recommendations.

Birth to 2 years:  Monitor your child’s gums and teeth and make sure to wipe your babies’ teeth with a cloth to clean them regularly.  If you notice any darkening of the teeth then it is time to call us.  We generally recommend seeing your child by two years of age.

Ages 2 to 3 years:  We offer FREE screening appointments for children age 0 to 3 years.  Around age two schedule your child’s first visit.  We will complete a routine check, familiarize them with the process and make recommendations going forward.  Prior to their first appointment you may wish to introduce them to the idea through various books such as, “Show Me Your Smile!”.

Ages 4 to 6 years:  We recommend seeing your child every 6 months for hygiene appointments during this time as children often have difficulty brushing.  We encourage parents to brush and floss after your children have brushed each night.  We will teach preventive care to your child and continue to monitor for any issues, making recommendations accordingly.  In particular cases we may recommend dental sealants, which are easily applied in the office to help “seal out” plaque and food.

Ages 6 to 13 years:  Parents should continue to brush after their children brush until they are able to reach all areas on their own, usually around age 6 or 7 (but possibly as late as age 9 to 11, depending on maturity and dexterity levels.)  You will need to continue to help them floss until around age 10 or 11.  Hygiene appointments are encouraged every 6 months.  This is important as their permanent teeth start erupting.  Sometime around age 6 or 7 we will take digital x-rays of your child’s mouth and will be checking for bite issues.

Ages 14+:  At 14 years of age your teen’s visit is treated the same as a regular adult visit.

Emergencies Happen:  Kids will be kids and we often see dental injuries related to sports.  If your child looses a permanent tooth for a traumatic injury, simply place the tooth in a container filled with either milk or the child’s saliva and call our office at (770) 496-0496 for an emergency appointment.  

We are truly at an exciting time in dentistry. As patients and providers, we have more choices in dental materials than ever before to repair and restore damaged teeth. These come in many forms, and in colors that can mimic those of our natural teeth, such as glass, acrylics, porcelain, and their combinations. Other materials that have been in place longer, such as "silver" fillings and gold castings, may be more familiar to you. At our practice, we believe each of these materials has unique strengths and appropriate applications. However, we believe that gold castings offer a particularly unique and extraordinary value to our patients. Unfortunately, many of you may not be familiar with this value or may view gold castings as nothing more than a relic of dentistry's past. We hope our enthusiasm and endorsement of this amazing material will change your view.

There are many reasons that we like to offer gold casting restorations to our patients. They allow for greater conservation of tooth structure needed for tooth strengthening versus other material options (in other words, more tooth structure is left intact at the end of the procedure), they are the most tissue friendly to the gums and feel smoothest to the tongue, they will not tarnish or discolor with age, and perhaps most significantly, they have been shown to last the longest of any type of restorative material we know of! Sound pretty good to you? We certainly think so.

Because of these and other outstanding properties (more of which can be found by clicking to the link below), we value gold castings in dentistry and take great pride in making these restorations available for our patients. In fact, we believe in gold restorations so much that our doctors and staff host and participate in regularly scheduled clinical meetings (RV Tucker study club) dedicated to the art and perfection of creating and placing beautiful gold restorations. (To find out more about this organization as well as additional benefits of gold, please click this link,

Is gold right for you? This is something we will be glad to go over with you. You may or may not be surprised to find out what many of our team at Henderson Mill Dental Care have chosen to have placed in our mouths. Please ask any of us if you would like to know more about this versatile and long-lasting material.

A Revolutionary New Method to Treat Most Periodontal Disease

As you are aware, dental treatments have advanced significantly in the last thirty years. However, one of the remaining challenges for oral medicine in the 21st century is the effective treatment of gum (periodontal) disease. Periodontal disease (or Gingivitis) is the most common cause of bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums, loss of the bone supporting the teeth and eventually the loss of teeth.

Henderson Mill Dental Care offers a revolutionary method that will bring periodontal/gingival treatment to new levels of effectiveness. It is revolutionary in a small, but important way - it provides the missing piece for delivering "tried and true" medications to an infected gingival "perio pocket" around the tooth. The Perio Protect Method® for treating periodontal/gingival disease is non-invasive and features a very comfortable appliance worn over your teeth just minutes a day at home or work (or in your car), which places medicine around your gums for healing those pockets and restoring your oral health.

The appliance is clear and flexible and easy to use. Patients describe treatment as comfortable and easy to follow. It has years of reliable and proven clinical results. Unlike traditional periodontal surgery, the Perio Protect Method® involves no lost time from work for recovery and costs considerably less. The best news of all, it is very effective, often reversing disease symptoms in a matter of days. You may also notice that your teeth may become whiter and your breath fresher.

Now is the time for you to take control of your health in a way that was unavailable before. Please call us to set up your initial exam to see if Perio Protect is right for you!

Comfortable, Effective, Permanent Tooth Replacement

The fear of losing our teeth is something many of us experience. Today, tooth loss does not have to be a permanent problem. Henderson Mill Dental Care offers a safe and reliable method for replacing teeth, whether you have lost one, or several of them.

Dental implants are the permanent way for you to replace your missing teeth. Research and documentation show long-lasting results, and hundreds of thousands of people are now enjoying their new "look". Your new teeth look and feel natural, and allow you to live, laugh and enjoy life with full confidence!

A Simple Solution to Identify and Eliminate a Silent Killer

Most people are surprised to learn that one American dies every hour from oral cancer - a death rate that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 40 years.

In fact, recent statistics published by the American Cancer Society indicate that while the incidence and death rates for cancer overall have decreased, the death rates for oral cancer have increased. Once it is in the later stages, oral cancer treatment can often result in disfiguring effects on patients, seriously compromising their quality of life, or even cause death.

Early detection and diagnosis can make a tremendous difference. Most oral cancer is 90% curable when found in its early stages. Henderson Mill Dental Care offers Velscope, a device that is an easy-to-integrate adjunctive mucosal examination system for the early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases, including precancer and cancer.  

Velscope is an easy to use and painless device that can allow the dentist to visually see tissue abnormalities that might develop into oral cancer earlier than with the naked eye.  Our experienced dentists can then make recommendations for further diagnosis or treatment based on these findings.  

If you feel you might benefit from a screening, contact our office today at (770) 496-0496 to set up an appointment for an exam and screening.  We are currently accepting new patients.

While it may be common knowledge that an annual check-up with the dentist and cleanings no less than every six months is the most effective way to maintain our oral health, our team at Henderson Mill Dental Care recognizes that this is not possible for everyone. We understand that for some, the thought of going to the dentist is too overwhelming. Not only are unhealthy gums and teeth a consequence of this, but, most alarming and perhaps unrecognized, a compromise to your general health results (as we are discovering more and more about the link between oral health and serious and compromising medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and pre-term and low birth weight pregnancy).

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our patients and aim to make them feel that their unique needs, desires, concerns and fears are met with empathy and are understood by our doctors and team in a conscientious manner. However, we have found that we may not be able to reach every patient wanting to receive dental care because of past painful experiences preventing them from seeking these services. For us, we have expanded our services to include oral sedation dentistry to meet this challenge.

Oral sedation dentistry is an approach that involves providing dental care to patients under the use of certain medicines that can make receiving dental care more emotionally manageable. There are several varying degrees of sedation that are available for our use. It is safe, predictable and does not require you to be "put to sleep". After a time has been scheduled to meet with our doctors and team and to show you our office, a discussion of the most appropriate treatment can shortly follow. Before very long, you can be on your way to receiving the care you have long been seeking.

Our team strongly believes in providing everyone an opportunity to reach optimal oral and general health. Please let us help get you on this path no matter how uncomfortable you have been with the thought of coming to the dentist. We are confident you will find yourself amazed at how easy dental treatment can be with the right people and approach to support you!

It's So Much More Than a Dental Cleaning!

Seeing your dental hygienist regularly can help you establish a pattern of prevention - a pattern that will lead to better oral health and reduced dental costs. Prevention is your insurance policy toward a healthier, pain-free, debt-free lifestyle, not to mention a brighter smile and fresh breath.

Here's what will happen during your dental visit:

  • Your dentist and hygienist will customize a preventative maintenance program for you and you will learn about the correct way to brush and floss.
  • Your mouth will be thoroughly examined for gum disease, growths, lesions and abnormalities that might affect your general health. Depending on your present oral health, your age and risks, radiographs may be taken. Our new digital Planmeca ProMax Panoramic machine utilizes minimal radiation as compared to older film machines. The total radiation is comparable to the amount of background radiation received on an airline flight from New York to Los Angeles.
  • Your teeth will be cleaned and polished ultrasonically to remove plaque and tartar, eliminating bacteria that leads to cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

  • Fluoride may be applied to prevent decay (for children) and root sensitivity/root cavities (for adults).

  • Sealants may be applied to children's teeth to protect against decay.

Dental disease is a silent invader. Maintaining regular dental cleaning appointments with your dental hygienist and follow-ups with your dentist helps assure that any problems will be addressed immediately.

Consider These Specialists as an Extension of Our Dental Office

We strive to meet every need and concern you might have regarding your dental health and well-being here at Henderson Mill Dental Care. Occasionally, there will be a need for services beyond the capabilities of our facility. That's where these specialists come in. Below is a list of some of the finest specialists in the Northeast Atlanta area, and we highly recommend them when specialty services are required. Tell them Henderson Mill Dental Care sent you!

Research has shown that we focus most on a person's eyes and teeth when meeting someone for the first time. It is no wonder, then, that the demand for whiter teeth has never been greater. At our office, we are excited to provide beautiful, healthy and whiter smiles for our patients. There are many ways to whiten teeth: from the placement of porcelain and plastic fillings or filling-like materials placed within or onto your teeth, conservative roughening and then polishing of the outermost layers of your teeth, and/or placement of whitening solutions on your teeth.

Of all of these, "teeth whitening" is the easiest and most conservative. No alteration to the teeth is required. In fact, all you have to do is sit in a chair for a quick set of records.

The way it works is simple. We have the dentist take a look at your mouth to make sure you are a good candidate (most of us are) for our teeth whitening service. If so, a quick set of mouth molds are taken, which will be used to create removable custom made trays. These trays are typically worn for about two to three weeks and deliver the whitening material uniformly to the teeth. It is through this precise method of delivery that we are able to use the highest concentrations of bleaching material that are available. The outcome is whiter teeth achievable in less time and a result that has more surface area coverage than what over-the-counter whitening products will allow.

What is more, custom bleaching allows you to control the "brightness" of your smile and makes maintenance a snap! You keep the trays. Additional whitening material is available at our office.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep a healthy, youthful, attractive, and brighter smile that can last a lifetime. Contact us if you would like more information on how teeth whitening works, what results can be expected, and if it may be right for you. Ask us how you can get started!  We are currently accepting new patients.

Introducing DURAthin® Veneers

Are you dreaming about a new smile? Do you want teeth that are brighter, larger or more youthful? Are you concerned about removing healthy enamel in order to get your new smile? If so, DURAthin veneers may be the answer you've been waiting for.

DURAthin veneers are very thin porcelain veneers designed to adhere directly to the front of teeth without removing any enamel! This means that for some people, we can design the smile of their dreams without even drilling on the natural teeth.

There is more good news... if you ever wanted to have the DURAthins removed, your natural smile would still be intact!

If you feel you might benefit from this service, contact our office today at (770) 496-0496 to set up an appointment with Dr. Cook - Henderson Mill Dental Care's DURAthin-certified specialist.  We are currently accepting new patients.