Henderson Mill Dental Care has always prided itself in offering an exceptional experience to everyone who walks through our door.  We strive to provide our patients with solutions that serve in their best interest, that will last a long time, and that leave them feeling great about what we have achieved together.  We like to believe we may help them reach our mutually desired goal of achieving optimal oral health by providing them with appropriate dental treatment, ranging anywhere from tooth whitening to cavity repair, and from soft-tissue maintenance to tooth replacement.  It is this last treatment type, specifically, that we would like to take a moment to discuss further with you here.

Tooth replacement has and continues to be an issue that affects many of us.  While there are many treatment products in dentistry that can remedy this, most of us are familiar with those such as dental implants or permanently cemented restorations. However, as great as these dental options are, the truth is that these can also be prohibitive for many of us from a time, money, and/or an oral health standpoint.  

The good news is that there is another great choice for replacing one or multiple teeth. Removable full dentures and partial dentures do just that…replace one or more missing teeth.  They have stood the test of time and, believe it or not, represent one of the most customizable treatment solutions available in dentistry.  Because they are capable of providing truly exceptional cosmetic outcomes, often doing so at a more affordable cost and with less time involved than some of the other replacement options, they also offer unequal value. Dentures can often immediately transform a mouth full of broken, problematic and missing teeth to one having a beautiful, full complement of teeth so natural and life-like that it may be harder than you think to stop smiling and keep from showing them off.  

Dentures come in many shapes, sizes and types: full, partial, immediate, interim, hybrid and over-dentures.  Please ask us about them, as there is so much more information beyond the space we have here.  Dentures represent a virtually universal treatment solution to correct nearly any compromised dental condition imaginable.  They can be manufactured to function on no teeth at all, around a few or multiple teeth, or mechanically snapped or locked onto one or several underlying supportive teeth or implants. It is just a matter of what you desire and the creativity between you, your HMDC dentist, and our lab technicians. Before you know it your new and beautiful smile can be brought to life!

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about the many different types of dentures that may best suit your treatment needs and desires.  Please ask our doctors and team members how we can help transform your smile today!