We are truly at an exciting time in dentistry. As patients and providers, we have more choices in dental materials than ever before to repair and restore damaged teeth. These come in many forms, and in colors that can mimic those of our natural teeth, such as glass, acrylics, porcelain, and their combinations. Other materials that have been in place longer, such as "silver" fillings and gold castings, may be more familiar to you. At our practice, we believe each of these materials has unique strengths and appropriate applications. However, we believe that gold castings offer a particularly unique and extraordinary value to our patients. Unfortunately, many of you may not be familiar with this value or may view gold castings as nothing more than a relic of dentistry's past. We hope our enthusiasm and endorsement of this amazing material will change your view.

There are many reasons that we like to offer gold casting restorations to our patients. They allow for greater conservation of tooth structure needed for tooth strengthening versus other material options (in other words, more tooth structure is left intact at the end of the procedure), they are the most tissue friendly to the gums and feel smoothest to the tongue, they will not tarnish or discolor with age, and perhaps most significantly, they have been shown to last the longest of any type of restorative material we know of! Sound pretty good to you? We certainly think so.

Because of these and other outstanding properties (more of which can be found by clicking to the link below), we value gold castings in dentistry and take great pride in making these restorations available for our patients. In fact, we believe in gold restorations so much that our doctors and staff host and participate in regularly scheduled clinical meetings (RV Tucker study club) dedicated to the art and perfection of creating and placing beautiful gold restorations. (To find out more about this organization as well as additional benefits of gold, please click this link, http://www.arvtsc.org/).

Is gold right for you? This is something we will be glad to go over with you. You may or may not be surprised to find out what many of our team at Henderson Mill Dental Care have chosen to have placed in our mouths. Please ask any of us if you would like to know more about this versatile and long-lasting material.