While it may be common knowledge that an annual check-up with the dentist and cleanings no less than every six months is the most effective way to maintain our oral health, our team at Henderson Mill Dental Care recognizes that this is not possible for everyone. We understand that for some, the thought of going to the dentist is too overwhelming. Not only are unhealthy gums and teeth a consequence of this, but, most alarming and perhaps unrecognized, a compromise to your general health results (as we are discovering more and more about the link between oral health and serious and compromising medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and pre-term and low birth weight pregnancy).

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our patients and aim to make them feel that their unique needs, desires, concerns and fears are met with empathy and are understood by our doctors and team in a conscientious manner. However, we have found that we may not be able to reach every patient wanting to receive dental care because of past painful experiences preventing them from seeking these services. For us, we have expanded our services to include oral sedation dentistry to meet this challenge.

Oral sedation dentistry is an approach that involves providing dental care to patients under the use of certain medicines that can make receiving dental care more emotionally manageable. There are several varying degrees of sedation that are available for our use. It is safe, predictable and does not require you to be "put to sleep". After a time has been scheduled to meet with our doctors and team and to show you our office, a discussion of the most appropriate treatment can shortly follow. Before very long, you can be on your way to receiving the care you have long been seeking.

Our team strongly believes in providing everyone an opportunity to reach optimal oral and general health. Please let us help get you on this path no matter how uncomfortable you have been with the thought of coming to the dentist. We are confident you will find yourself amazed at how easy dental treatment can be with the right people and approach to support you!