It May Sound Unusual, But People Actually Like Coming to See Us.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for every person we interact with on a daily basis.

Our state-of-the-art dental facility is committed to achieving a lifetime of dental excellence, one patient at a time, offering you:

  • A well-trained, professional, courteous staff that will compassionately address your concerns
  • Convenient Northlake location with free parking and early morning scheduling
  • Cosmetic, preventative and repair procedures for adults and children
  • Reasonable fees and total assistance in processing your insurance

We are proud to share with you some of the feedback received from both new and long-term Henderson Mill Dental Care patients, in their words:


"Excellenti" – I.M., October 2015

"Excellent visit!   Thanks even for the great shows that you play on the television.  They are informative and interesting- not drivel that often plays across the screens elsewhere!  I only waited mere minutes before being called to the exam room, the hygienist was gentle and thorough, the dentist was prompt when the excellent cleaning was done, and the front office staff is always amazing, too!  I love this office!" – M.C., October 2015

"They're simply the best at Henderson Mill Dental Clinic---when someone needs dental work, I always recommend Henderson Mill.  My husband and I have been coming to see Connie & Dr Cook for maybe 20 years.  Although this week Dr Cook was not there but the Dentist I saw was delightful as well!" – B.M., October 2015

"First visit for our 10 yr. old son, but not the first visit for other family members.  Visit went great.  William was happy (except for the fluoride treatment, but did I mention he is 10?).  Dr. Uetsuki was very helpful in explaining how things are progressing, which is very helpful for parents.  Thank you very much!" – P.B., October 2015

"I could not be happier. Karen took the time to go over everything with me about my insurance and treatment plan. Becky was very thorough and gentle. Everyone is personable and approachable. Dr. Uetsuki is informative and thorough. Thank you all so much. People would go to the dentist regularly if they could have this kind of an experience." – A.S., October 2015

"I absolutely love coming to Henderson Mill. Everyone is always so nice and pleasant. Dr. Cook is the best. Charlotte is awesome and always works with me when I'm scheduling my appointments. Because my work schedule is so hectic, she always helps me." – T.C., October 2015

"Dr U is great. I appreciate his concern to get it right so I am happy with the outcome. Simone is the greatest and keeps me coming back!" – M.S., October 2015

"Excellent!" – J.B., October 2015

"I have been a patient at Henderson Mill Dental Care for more than twenty years. The environment truly is a family atmosphere, and they always make me feel very special.  Rebecca is just an absolutely dream." – D.T., October 2015

"I had a great experience.  The staff worked well and were very kind and gentle." – H.K., October 2015

"Very professional and efficient.  Always friendly even over the phone." – J.W., October 2015

"What a great dental practice.  The staff are great--from the reception desk to the dentists and other professional staff!" – J.L., October 2015

"The entire staff at Henderson Mill Dental operates in excellence." – I., October 2015

"Even though I get nervous about the dentist, Henderson Mill Dental makes it as pleasant as possible." – N.N., October 2015

"Excellent, as always!" – U.S., September 2015




"Outstanding across the board. Dr. Cook a Picasso of dentistry!!! All staff wonderful!!" – J.U., September 2015


"Myra is the best!" – N.A., September 2015

"Lisa is the best dental technician that I have ever had the pleasure of coming across!!" – E.L., September 2015

"I recommended Dr. Uetsuki to a new co-worker who just move to Atlanta from Chicago.  His name is Nick.  Hope he makes an appointment...." – B.B., September 2015

"I have always been scared of the dentist however these guys made it all possible for me to feel comfortable. Thank You So Much Guys!" – D.B., September 2015

"I was very happy with the service that I received and I will definitely be back. " – R.R., September 2015

"Very professional and personable." - D.W., September 2015

"I am a patient for many-many years and always receive exceptional service.  Thanks a lot!" – G.N., September 2015

"Meeting Karen today was a neat experience!  She took the report I had just received recommending costly 'repair work', and helped me sort through options for developing a plan for maintenance and options for payment.  She was knowledgeable, focused on ME and what “fit" MY situation, and never was defensive about which option was best.  Her work reflected a professional team approach to my dental care, using a full-screen picture of MY teeth, answering my questions of the dentist and hygienist in real-time, and consideration of MY opinions and situation going forward.  Thank You to Karen!" – J.H., September 2015

"Wonderful staff, always nice and happy to explain exactly what is going on and what is needed.  I would highly recommend." – B.G., September 2015

"Dr. Uetsuki provides expert care and I have 100% confidence in him. The staff is friendly and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. I am very pleased with Henderson Mill Dental!" – V.J., September 2015

"The staff is professional and courteous.   Both the hygienist and Dr. Cook were thorough and friendly. " – D.D., September 2015

"I have been a patient for about 10 years and I am appreciative of all they do." – M.A., August 2015

"Great service and friendly staff." – M.S., August 2015

"Excellent" – V.K., August 2015

"Another great experience at HMDC." – M.U., August 2015

"Great experience for a first timer." – R.A., August 2015

"I feel that Lisa and Dr. Cook have my best interests in mind.  They are a great team!" – L.M., August 2015

"Everyone is always very pleasant.  Dentists are professionals." – S.O., August 2015

"Keri gives me the most thorough cleanings I've ever had.  I am impressed with her encyclopedic knowledge of dental health.  She's very helpful and professional.  Everyone in the office that I've encountered is so nice and personable.  The free rose on customer appreciation day was just another example of how this practice really does go the extra mile." – S.M., August 2015

"Always professional and friendly.  Never have had a bad experience in the 35+ years I have been going to Dr. Cook.  The temp, Brittany, who saw me was very good and would make an excellent addition to the current staff." – C.W., August 2015

"It was a great visit as always. Missed seeing Connie today but Becky did a fine job filling in.  Nice to see Dr. Cook again.  Charlotte always does a great job welcoming folks as they sign in." – W.D., July 2015

"Lisa and Dr. Bob Cook were great.  Thanks for the skilled intense focus on my issue while maintaining a pleasant friendly humorous attitude to keep me comfortable and pain free" – L.G, July 2015

"I've been coming to this practice, starting with Dr. Cook's predecessor, for at least 40 years and wouldn't even consider going somewhere else." – D.M., July 2015

"Wonderful staff, friendly, courteous, attentive, efficient and personable. I would not want to go anywhere else.......I have my entire family coming to this office.  Staff always makes you feel comfortable....very caring and warm atmosphere." – F.O., July 2015

"Dr. Cook and his entire staff are professional and efficient.  It is a pleasure to be associated with this office.  I am 65 and have spent many hours in a dental office as a child. Therefore, I have a valid basis of comparison.  Thank you, Dr. Cook for taking such good care of me." – H.K., July 2015

"Great work Dr. Bob, Miranda  and all of the staff  front desk included." – L.G., July 2015

"Keri was very professional and gentle. Charlotte always greets me with a smile. The entire office is very friendly and professional. I have referred a co-worker, who comes here as well." – Y.E., July 2015


"Love your staff and service." – T.W., June 2015

"Wonderful, caring staff. Work very well with my dental insurance. Always friendly. Pain free!" – L.G., June 2015

"I was called on time, super easy to check in, office was clean and the staff, most importantly the dentist seemed knowledgeable." – M.A., June 2015

"I enjoy the service that I receive at Henderson Mill and look forward to future visits." – A.W., June 2015

"Hey what a great team of Technicians and Dr Bob Cook ...all are extraordinary, Kerri, Lisa, Miranda and Charlotte helped me this time.  But I have gotten great support from other members of the team in the past. The advice was fine on the referral also, they got me into a specialist that day to help me with a second issue that I had.  Gave a quick, accurate diagnosis and got me some help immediately" – L.G., June 2015

"I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of Henderson Mill Dentistry; and the up-to-date technology and equipment.  I was given a very thorough exam and everything was explained to me through the process.   I would highly recommend this Group." – E.M., June 2015


"Best dentist's office and personnel ever!  Would recommend to everyone." – M.J., June 2015

"I always enjoy my visits! " – C.J., June 2015

"Excellent work - and pleasant - as always." R.F., June 2015

"Good experience.  Charming people." – B.S., June 2015

"The best dental office in town.  I feel that I receive excellent service and interaction with the dental staff.  I would recommend to everyone looking for a good dental experience." – C.W., June 2015

"Have used this same office for the past 30 years! Would never dream of changing!" – D.J., May 2015

"Always top notch as I've come to expect for the last 20 years!" – M.M., May 2015

"Outstanding!" – R.B., May 2015

"Everyone at Henderson Mill Dental Care has always been professional, clean, and courteous.  They listen to your concerns and address them." – C.B., May 2015

"Henderson Dental could help set the standards  of how dental services needs to be conducted in the US." – I.W., May 2015

"I must say, The Best Dentist Office in the city of Atlanta.  From the Receptionist, Dr Cook, Karen, Lisa and Mira treated us royally. Explaining and re-explaining what would happen during our visits to the office.  Everyone was very friendly, smiled and spoke to us.  I am sorry if I have missed a name who worked with us.  My husband is doing fine and he is happy with the outcome.  All of my concerns and anxiety for him were for nothing.  He has done so well, better than I would have ever expected.  Now he has his wonderful smile that I fell in love with 53 years. ago." – T.B., May 2015

"I would rate Henderson Mill Dental WONDERFUL!!!!" – C.K., May 2015

"I liked the new guy.” – C.F., May 2015

"I am glad I selected this office. I have been very satisfied with each visit.” – E.G., May 2015

"If you have to have a dentist this is the place." – T.F., May 2015

"Karen took time to answer my questions and even demonstrated how to whiten my teeth.  The dental assistant was Excellent, considerate, professional, and knowledgeable.  She even gave me a blanket.  She explained the procedure and avoided surprises.  She made it easy for the dentist and he was excellent!  The front desk personnel were warm, friendly, professional, and timely.  Unfortunately, they mistakenly over charged me by $100 because Izumi did not communicate the updated information I provided after checking with my insurance.  They quickly made the correction and I was on my way.” – J.C., May 2015

"Everyone there has always been very nice and professional. I have enjoyed going to Dr. Cook all of theses years and would like to say thanks to all the people that work there. You have a wonderful business and people." – A.C., May 2015

"Your staff is the best!!" – M.D., May 2015

"I have been coming to this office for over 15 years and have always had a great experience.  Dr. Uetsuki, Connie, Karen, Charlotte, and the rest of the team are great!" – J.L., April 2015

"What more can I say than "Everybody there rates 5 stars!"" – F.C., April 2015

"I've been a patient at your office for over 32 years, so I guess you must be doing something right.  Keep up the good work." – L.E., April 2015

"Very well run, neat, and very accommodating." – B.C., April 2015


"Great experience, thank u." – A.W., April 2015

"The staff was wonderful." – E.G., April 2015

"I would recommend this dental office to my family, co-workers and friends.  It was easy to set my appointment."- April 2015

"Keep up the good work." – C.M., April 2015

"As always, I give HMDC the highest rating!  Everyone is so accommodating, friendly and professional.  The services provided are efficient and complete.  Very happy to travel from Charlotte to Atlanta for my appointments as a result.  Thank you everyone!" – J.H., April 2015

"My husband and I have been coming to Henderson Dental for several years now, have never been disappointed.  Becky is awesome!!!" – F.W., April 2015

"I don't mind going to the dentist with all the qualified personal." – E.H., March 2015

"Excellent dentist staff and office.  Really great customer focus.  They are very careful to keep you comfortable while carefully attending to the issue... pleasant caring professionals... and they have a program to keep your costs down.” – L.G., March 2015

"Always efficient and professional service from all the staff!  You guys rock!" – B.B., March 2015

"Great experience from beginning to end.  I'm glad to use Henderson Mill as my dentist." – D.L., March 2015


"Charlotte is the best and my hygenist-Becky too!!" – K.B., March 2015

"It's always a pleasure to come to Henderson Mill Dental!" – J.B., March 2015

"Since the mid 80's I have never received anything but excellent service from Henderson Mill Dental.  I have and will continue to recommend this office to family and friends." – J.H., March 2015

"Always a pleasant experience at Henderson Mill Dental." – K.H., March 2015

"The operatory was clean and neat. The office staff was friendly. I would recommend this dental office to my family, co-workers and friends.  The waiting room was clean and neat.” – E.J., March 2015

"Excellent experience as always.” – March 2015

"The Office was very neat and organized.  All staff were very friendly.  We will be seeing a lot of each other in the coming months." – T.B., March 2015


"Everyone at Henderson Mill has always been friendly and helpful and appointments are on time.” – G.E., March 2015

"I would recommend this dental office to my family, co-workers and friends. The dentist was friendly.  I am happy with the quality of the service I received. – March 2015

'"The operatory was clean and neat.  It was easy to check out and pay after my appointment.” – March 2015

"Everyone was pleasant and professional - as usual!" – C. M., March 2015

"This was a great dental visit and the staff was great.  I would recommend them to anyone." – C.K., March 2015


"I have a lot of issues, and like I mentioned when I checked out, I am always worried when I go to a new dentist. I've been to two independent dentists and one large practice prior to your practice, and I was very happy with this practice. After moving, you have a whole checklist of things to establish, and I'm happy to have one more to take off of that list!” – A.F., March 2015

"As usual, just great.  Don't worry, I'll be back.  I'm sure you're looking forward to that!!!!!" – G.C., March 2015

"Very professional. Appears to be well organized. Staff extremely friendly & helpful. (I was somewhat distraught on realizing that I had so much work to be done.) The staff went out of their way to assist me.  I hope I have found a dental home.” – S.H., March 2015

"As always Myra was there with her heartfelt chuckle.  CoraLou was new to me, but very efficient and friendly, maybe needs to talk louder for old folks like me.  My dentist was new to me, but I liked him, he was gentle and friendly.  I did not get his full name, just John.  He was so young that I am sure my mouth was a new challenge for him." – D.F., March 2015

"5 stars. Had a good experience." – J.B., March 2015

"I especially like the Smithsonian collection of is soothing and classy!" – J.H., March 2015

"I am 100% satisfied with my dentist, technician and office staff.  I can see no room for improvement.  Keep up the good work!" – V.R., March 2015

"I appreciated everybody's supreme professionalism and friendliness! From Heather's careful hands for my dental cleaning to Myra's willingness to stay late and do impressions for my bite guard so I wouldn't have to schedule another appointment.  Thanks to ALL! ;) – T.G.M., March 2015

"My request for soothing music during the procedure was quickly responded to, the consideration and caring of the hygienist and dentist were outstanding, and amazingly I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure." – S.S., November 2014

"There should be an EXCELLENT button because great doesn't serve you justice! Friendly staff and professional environment.  I felt no pain during or afterwards (work done: filling on one tooth and removal and replacement of crown on another tooth)." – A.L., November 2014

"Going to the dentist is typically a high anxiety appointment but I've never felt anything but at ease with Henderson Mill. Everyone does an outstanding job!" – T.H., September 2014

"I have always HATED going to the dentist office....your office has changed my views on dentists by making each and every visit comfortable and anxiety free.  Thank you!" – A.L., September 2014

"Please tell my dentist and his assistance how much I appreciate their patience with me.  They were calm and funny, trying to ease my anxiety." – K.E., September 2014

"Love HMD" – E., September 2014

"I have no complaints!  I have been a patient for over 20 years and have not had one bad experience. The only thing I don't like is the distance :) but when you receive excellent service, distance is only a word.  Great Staff!  Thank you for providing me with excellent care." – V.E., September 2014

"A new product was discussed by Dr. John Uetsuki.  Connie and Karen were a big help finding the product and arranging to get it to me.  Karen even ran out to my car to get my signature when she saw it was necessary.  Great Staff and Doctor!" – M.M., September 2014

"Karen was not only the technical assistant, but in a matter of minutes she became my advocate and friend. She is 'world class' in terms of explaining conditions, treatments, pricing, and thoughtfully answering all questions." – J.S., August 2014


"We have been coming to Henderson for over 15 years and have always had excellent service.  Charlotte is the best and a great first impression.  Would recommend to any of our friends!" – A., August 2014

"It is always a pleasant experience when I come to the office; everyone is just fantastic!  I have been w/Dr. Cook for 37 years so that should speak for itself!" – J., August 2014

"The dentist called me later in the day to check on my son and to tell me how impressed he was with his behavior during his appointment. That was wonderful to hear and very thoughtful. " – K., August 2014

"I Always recommend others to HMDC - great staff, easy to work with, good communication. " – P., August 2014

"Because of underlying pain issues and the whole *dentist phobia* I once experienced... I avoided the DENTIST for almost 10yrs! But, after discovering HM Dental Care, I've now been having regular checkups (along w/ the occasional n'sary dental work) going on 15yrs! I would not have been able to accomplish this (extraordinary feat! ;-) ) without the dedication, care and compassion extended by Dr. Cook and HIS ENTIRE STAFF!! Have recommended several friends to HM Dental and they each say the same thing... Best. Dental. Practice. EVER!" – L.B., July 2014

"I have been coming to Henderson Mill Dental for over 11 years and I have grown to love this company like Family.  Not too often do you visit any business that has overall the same exact staff for this amount of time.  This is the best place to have dental work done.  This office also educates you on every service they provide.  It never feels like a business when I have an appointment, which makes each visit pleasant.  I love the whole staff, especially Keri.  She always has a nice smile and attitude.  At the same time she digs deep to make sure you have a clean mouth before your cleaning is over.  At the same time she digs deep to make sure you have a clean mouth before your cleaning is over.  Keri also educates you on what you have to improve on to keep your mouth healthy." - D.D., July 2014

"I was so very comfortable with staff, assistant and dentist, I'm most uncomfortable when at a dentist office.  You have made my visit very well can't wait to return to have work done.  Thank you…!" - A.O., June 2014

"Excellent!  Friendly and courteous and everyone made to feel comfortable…..could not be better." - F.O., June 2014

"I could not have been treated any better than that experience.  Heather was so professional, adept, focused, personable, accommodating, and efficient.  She ROCKS!" - B.F. - June 2014

"Dr. Cook and his staff are wonderful!  I have never found a dental office that I like more.  Thank you for always being so warm and welcome and always being so helpful!" - K.S., June 2014

                                    *January through May we had so many great comments we couldn't keep up.*

"I have no concerns.  You folks always offer the most thoughtful and attentive service.  Thank you!" - U., December 2013

"No complaints.  Dr. Uetsuki, Simone, Charlotte, Kathryn were all great to work with, as always!" - J.L., December 2013

"I love the office.  Charlotte actually contacted me to have my procedure done and worked it into my Thanksgiving break!" - T.S., November 2013

"I was concerned that my 90 yr. old father would have a difficult time hearing, understanding, and seeing in the office. He needed some extra care.  From the moment I first called the office, I as assured that my father would be treated with respect and would be cared for.  He was.  When we left the office, my father stated that he thought Dr. Cook and Lisa were exceptionally professional.  They explained all the procedures clearly and respectfully.  He felt comfortable and well cared for.  They made him feel at home in his new surroundings.  Thank you for your compassion and professionalism." - N.Z. for J.W., October 2013

"Dr. Bob and Lisa were fantastic!" - G.Y., October 2013

"Love you guys!" - T., October 2013

"You need to change the option of "Great" to "Awesome!" - J., October 2013

"Phenomenal service - phenomenal office.  You have great administrative staff members in the front desk, and you have great dental assistants also.  Heather took care of me and she is always awesome.  Also, I really like the digital sign in and the email reminder.  I found the automated entries to be very helpful." - L.S., October 2013

"I had a wisdom tooth pulled.  I requested gas because I'm an old baby.  Everyone understood me and was quite attentive to my needs.  I went to sleep and woke up with it all done.  This was the best dental experience I've ever had.  I don't remember anything after breathing into the mask.  Exactly what I wanted.  I don't remember any shots, tugging, pulling, drilling or cutting.  I don't even remember seeing the Doctor.  They said I had some conversation and I don't remember it.  So all went well.  Thank you so much for pampering me, it was just what I wanted.  I'm home feeling great and eating dinner and ice cream. : )  You are definitely my Dentist Office.  Thank you again.  When I come again I will have more confidence.  Thank you so much." - M.C., September 2013

"This is by far the best dentist office I've ever been associated with.  From the office staff (Charlotte), the hygienist (Keri) and Dr. Cook, they are all very pleasant, professional and just a pleasure to visit." - R.W. - September 2013

"Very impressed with the staff!  I feel as if they were genuinely concerned with my well being and needs as a first time visitor and were very sure to answer all questions." - K., September, 2013

"I was there for 6 hours.  During that time I was treated to a milk shake.  Someone left the office to go find one for me - how considerate is that!  I know I was not the only patient that day, but I was never left alone so long that I wondered where everyone was at.  When I walk in I don't feel like I am walking into a dental office but rather I am with friends who take care of my teeth.  No concerns, just appreciation." - S.H., September 2013

"You have a great staff and great dentists there." - M.M., August 2013

"Always treated very well.  As a Lexus customer service representative, I feel you mirror what I strive for." - August 2013

"It has been 33 years since I have been coming to this dental group and have been very happy with my care and service.  Thanks to all of you for your dedication to your patients." - P.W., July 2013

"No concerns.  The care I received was excellent.  I wish Henderson had been my dentist all along:  it would have saved me a great deal of trouble (and money)!" - J.W., June 2013

"No issues at all.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Excellent services!  Staff is outstanding!! - W.B., June 2013

"Henderson Dental is an example of what a dental practice should be like.  They are timely, cross-trained, and friendly.  I would gladly recommend their services." - C.H., June 2013

"I usually do not fill our surveys because I am usually not impressed enough to.  I don't have any concerns, but I will say that I have been to a few dentist offices over the years and this is the first one I have visited and ALL the staff members were friendly, they listen to your concerns and they didn't make me feel bad about not frequently visiting a dentist office.  I can say I have found my dentist home." - C.J., June 2013

"My visits are always pleasant.  Everyone is friendly and helpful." - S.H., June 2013

"Always a good experience." - June 2013

"My visits are always pleasant.  Everyone is friendly and helpful." - S.H., June 2013

"It was the best experience I've had visiting the dentist in a long time--", May 2013

"Dr. Cook is always so gentle & super kind!  He is by far the best Dentist I have ever had!  His entire staff is also pretty awesome too!" - May 2013

"I have very high expectations and you all exceeded Them all." - J.P., May 2013

"Keep up the good work, all the people are great thanks for working with me." - J.S., May 2013

"Everything was great as usual.", D.M. - May 2013

"I am pleased with Heather and Dr. Cook." - C.B., May 2013

"Been a customer for 20 years or more.  You guys have always been great." - N.L., May 2013

"Charlotte & Heather are great!" - J.M., May 2013

"Love this dentist!  Im not afraid of the dentist anymore!" - May 2013

"The entire experience has been great thus far from the first day I made contact with Karen to make an appointment very friendly and professional overall." - G.D., May 2013

"Everyone is always so nice.  Thank you!" - M.M., May 2013

"A wonderful practice, thank you for going the extra mile!!" - L.W., April 2013

"That's the reason I will never change my dentist or his staff.  You all treat me as a family member.  I love everything about coming to the dentist office.  I can't wait to get there.  Sometimes I'm just too early."  - S.S., April 2013

"Becky and Dr. Uetsuki are great, as are all the staff.  Thank you very much! - April 2013

"Dr. Uetsuki was kind and gentle, didn't even feel the extraction.  He even called to follow up and make sure I take my meds." - C.W., April 2013

"Connie did an excellent job.  She talked to me the whole way through and explained that I needed to take advil/motrin for pain later and to eat something light like soup for supper." - T.E., April 2013

"Dr. Levin was wonderful - he has a great bedside manner and answered all of my questions.  I don't think I have had a better oral exam thus far." - April 2013

"Your practice is outstanding!  You are professional, prompt, courteous, and skilled - the best I've ever seen." - S.K., April 2013

"Henderson Mill provides the best service ever.  The entire staff is helpful and cares for patients needs." - March 2013

"You have a great group of people working there."  - M.M., March 2013

"Thanks, everyone, for taking such good care of me all these years!  I believe it's been something like 25+! And there's a reason for that--y'all are THE BEST!" - P.W., - March 2013

"I have no issues or concerns.  I have been very pleased with all aspects of your practice for many years and remain so." - J.R., - March 2013

"I was very pleased the quality of professional treatment extended to me.  A very grateful experience." - March 2013

"Very Thorough exam.  Everyone was very nice and explained all procedures well." - March 2013

"My family and I have use Henderson Mill Dental care for many years and many more years to come.  Friendly and very professional!" - T.L., - March 2013

"This was my first visit for a cleaning so I was apprehensive but it was a great experience. Connie was wonderful." - M.W., - March 2013

"Remarkably thorough for an initial appointment." - D.G., - March 2013

"I had a great first visit.  Everyone was very professional, respectful and nice.  It seems rare to find an office like yours where the focus is truly patient-centered from the second you walk in the door to the second you leave.  Everything was handled efficiently and in a way that was optimally convenient to me.  It's obvious that patient satisfaction is important to you and it shows." - February 2013

"I absolutely love this office - both the dentist and the assistant were wonderful, very good at what they did and also concerned with my comfort during the procedure." - February 2013

"Y'all are the ONLY medical-style office that I have EVER been to where I don't even wait a minute!  Don't worry, I understand and expect to wait up to about 20 minutes, but I never do with y'all.  With my other doctors, I wait sometimes over an hour.  I love your promptness.  Also, loved the new gal who helped Dr. Uetsuki with my retainer removal, she is very friendly.  Always LOVE Becky, she's the best and Dr. Uetsuki is fantastic.  I always recommend y'all - best dentist ever :)  Thank you for many years of excellent service. " - A.M., February 2013

"I love our dentist office!" - K.H., February 2013

"Love you guys, all of you!!" - February 2013

"Always a great office visit, friendliness, kindness of all staff members.  A wonderful experience every time I appreciate all of the professionalism shown from every staff member.  I am very pleased and grateful for all of the services rendered.  Keep up the great work!!" - February 2013

"Kerri gave me a couple of Dr Cook's business cards and I have already given one to my next door neighbor." - V.R., February 2013

"Excellent visit, despite the bad news about one of my teeth that will in all likelihood require a root canal and a new crown!  Such is the life of an aging old man!!!!  Keri, Lisa, and Dr. Cook are professional, kind and excellent at what they do."  - D.L., February 2013

"Keep up the good work and thank you for the kindness that seems to come automatically with your practice." - J.R., February 2013

"Compared to all the dentists I have had you guys are the best." - January 2013

"You all are wonderful!" - January 2013

"You guys rock!!" - January 2013

"As I get older, I find that the prospect of going to the dentist to be harder and harder to contemplate.  I would say that Henderson Mill Dental Care makes it about as easy as it can be for me.  I appreciate all of you very, very much." - January 2013

"I have enjoyed nearly a decade of extraordinary dental care from Henderson Mill Dental Care - from thorough cleaning, through state of the Art X-Rays, and more complex preservation of my 74 year old teeth." - January 2013

"I love coming to your office. The staff treats me like family. I didn't have to wait at all. Connie was ready for me as I was signing in (could it be because I was 3 minutes late?). If only other medical professionals ran their businesses as well as yours..." - January 2013


 *  All views expressed above are those of patients of HMDC.