October was filled with celebrations at Henderson Mill Dental Care. On Thursday, October 20th we celebrated bosses day. Staff surprised office manager, Linda and Drs. Cook and Uetsuki with a luncheon that included BBQ pulled pork and chicken, slaw, chips, dips and salad. Of course we can’t skip dessert with a selection of homemade banana pudding and a chocolate Oreo trifle.

They also presented them with a memorable thank you card with photos over the last year and some from the past as well. A quote we appreciated from the card said “A great boss lays the foundation for employees to discover their own greatness.” There was also a challenge from the staff to the docs to be even better Leaders and less like bosses. We’d like to think that’s why we have such an amazing team at Henderson Mill Dental Care and we hope you agree! Thank you to our staff for creating a memorable and enjoyable day!

  Boss day food       

Of course our fabulous staff was not forgotten. On Friday, October 28th, we had a fun team-building activity for our quarterly meeting with the theme of Celebrating Us. At the close of our normal quarterly meeting agenda, and unbeknownst to everyone, our incredible office manager, Linda and doctors surprised staff with a surprise scavenger hunt to Northlake mall for a little fun and games. The staff was broken into two teams and took to the mall. Some of the clues included things like, “get a sample of men’s cologne”, “find something dirty”, “find someone with crazy hair or hair color and take picture with some team members”, “find an old purchase receipt”, etc. The teams found themselves going through stores like Macy’s, Victoria Secret’s, a shoe store and the food court. Our team members are very competitive, and all returned safely and excited. Dr. Uetsuki’s team prevailed with a narrow victory and nice prize!

While the Mall activities were going on, Dr. Cook and Linda turned the regular quarterly meeting lunch into a catered Staff Appreciation Day lunch. After lunch Linda had another in- office scavenger hunt with obscure clues to figure out items hidden throughout the office. The meeting ended with a real show of Staff Appreciation as all team members received gifts of what looked like containers of stick candy but were really rolled up currency bills as an appreciation of what our wonderful staff means to HMDC. Many thanks go to Linda who worked so hard on putting together the gifts. We had a great time working and celebrating with all the staff, our dear friends. We know we’ve got something special at Henderson Mill Dental Care and hope you all feel the same.

Miranda and Simone Myra and Izumi Heather Team Lisa Staff Appreciating Gift Staff on Staff appreciating day