On December 5th, Henderson Mill Dental Care held their annual office Christmas Party. This year Dr. Uetsuki and his wife, Melanie, hosted the party at their home. The event was attended by all doctors, their spouses and the majority of staff and their guests. Dr. Steve Morgan and his wife, Caron were also in attendance. We are so thankful for their continued attendance and always look forward to catching up.

The event was catered by Jeff Haeger of the Crooked Tree Cafe. Guests dined on a beautifully brined turkey breast, beef brisket and an assortment of delicious sides. The glazed, roasted butternut squash was a crowd favorite. Complete with homemade banana pudding and/or a pound cake with fruit preserves. After an enjoyable meal we moved on to games.
Our creative and ever fun hygienists, Becky and Heather, came up with three activities. Upon arrival each guest was pinned on their back with a name relating to the Christmas story. As they were welcomed in they were able to ask yes or no questions to try to determine “who” or “what” they had on their back. Examples include Santa Claus, little drummer boy, gifts, stockings, jingle bells, Angel….you get the picture. Office Manager, Linda was the first to guess to answer correctly and she was Mrs. Claus.
Each guest had also brought a wrapped gift for an exchange. Becky instructed us each to go around and pick a gift. This year after each person had chosen a gift, we then rolled a set of dice in hopes of getting doubles so we could exchange our gift with another participant. Some desired gifts were a selfie stick, a red cardinal, candles, slippers and skinny popcorn.
We thought it was all over but then Heather and Becky had one more secret game in store. They broke us up into 4 groups and gave each group a bag with three rolls of toilet paper, a hat, mittens, scarf and a carrot. Each group was told to make a snowman and we had to use all the toilet paper. The groups soon realized that someone had to be the snowman and the rolling began. The room was full of laughter and excitement as the teams finished up. Our snowmen and snow women consisted of Dr. John Uetsuki, assistant, Korlu, Dr. Morgan’s wife, Caron and Becky’s husband, Larry.
An enjoyable evening was had by all and we are ever so thankful for our Henderson Mill Dental Care family. We look forward to a truly amazing year in 2016! The best is yet to come!

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